1. Ch (Channel)
set channel's DMX addresses one-by-one or all-together (1-512)
2. SidE (Side)
transpose channel-order
3. Pr (Preheat)
set channel's preheat values one-by-one or all-together (0-255)
4. Li (Limit)
set channel's maximum values one-by-one or all-together (255-0)
5. Suu (Switch)
choose switch or dimmer mode
6. En (Enable)
put channels out/into operation
7. Ch.bu (Channel backup)
define a DMX channel to be backup scene
8. EO.AL (Equalization)
choose linear or tabular equlazition curve
9. Hold (Hold)
by means of this function Approx 4 stores the settings for however long
10. bASE (Base)
store all the configurations into the storage device
11. dISP (Display)
set the brightness of the display in 10 phase (0-9)
12. t °C (Temperature)
using this function Approx 4 displays the heat measured in both blocks in every minute
13. Conn (Connection)
use of master/slave mode
14. CHAS (Chase)
edit or modify a chase

Field of application:

Stage, event, decoration lighting and for any lighting demands.



  • simple and quick installation
  • no need for the heavy-current matrix
  • minimal cable demand
  • controlling compatibility with other units (DMX 512)
  • bulit in menu
  • buffered data storage and continuous data saving
  • displaying operating status
  • separately addressable and controllable channels
  • locking of the buttons
  • delayed channel starting
  • no controller-desk necessary


  • 4 power channels (4x1000W)
  • 4 digit, 7 segment display
  • alloyed, sintered or eloxated aluminium body
  • Neutric and Mennekes connectors
  • 1498mm x 40mm x 60mm
  • wide voltage-tolerance
  • easy serviceability (modular system)
  • 2930g weight

User's Manual (PDF)

More information:

Regal-Seton Bt.
Fax: 36-1-216-16-88